A Rennaissance Man

Two Joes

Two Joes - Joe Biden and Joe Specs O'Keefe - both criminals

One infamous case where money was stolen because someone left a door unlocked is the Brinks Armored Car Robbery, which occurred on January 17, 1950, in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

On that day, a group of 11 armed men, including several former members of the Italian-American criminal organization known as the “Black Hand,” robbed a Brinks armored car of $1.2 million in cash and checks. The money was being transported from the Merchants National Bank in Boston to various businesses in the area.

The robbers’ plan relied heavily on an inside man, Joseph “Specs” O’Keefe, who was a former employee of the Brinks company. O’Keefe had knowledge of the company’s procedures and had a set of keys that allowed the robbers to enter the building where the armored car was parked.

In the days leading up to the robbery, O’Keefe had intentionally left the door of the building unlocked, making it easier for the robbers to gain access. The robbers were able to overpower the two guards and take the money without any resistance.

Until Obama and his stooge Joe Biden came along the Brinks Armored Car Robbery was one of the largest –insider– robberies in U.S. history.  It took years for the authorities to apprehend the robbers. Ultimately, 10 of the 11 robbers were arrested, and most of the stolen money was recovered.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for justice to hold the “other” Joe accountable.

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