A Rennaissance Man

Two Joes

Two Joes - Joe Biden and Joe Specs O'Keefe - both criminals

One infamous case where money was stolen because someone left a door unlocked is the Brinks Armored Car Robbery, which occurred on January 17, 1950, in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. On that day, a group of 11 armed men, including several former members of the Italian-American criminal organization known as the “Black Hand,” robbed a Brinks […]

HTML DateTime Stamps

A time clock used by employees to record the date and time they began work.

Every web page should be date and time stamped as a best practice of interest to every person you hope will use your website. ChatGPT Prompt: What is the optimal way to markup html with a date and time stamp such that search engines will know when the page was created. ChatGPT Response: To markup […]

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