About Me

The only --true wisdom-- is knowing you know nothing.

Yes, I claim to be a rennassance man. Some people think that means people like me cannot make up our minds when we grow up. Some people even think men like me never grow up as we’re always into one thing after another; we’re born to multitask.

Suffice it to say its their problem not mine as I’ve become reasonably accomplished at a number of life skills. Instead of sitting on a couch eating chips and watching sports on TV I am usually reading, using a computer to design and write code or tinkering with hand or power tools making or repairing things to “make them better.”

I confess, these days I also waste time on Facebook and YouTube when I should be improving my ability to read and write music, write songs and perform using a variety of different types of guitars.

I was born in the shadow of the U.S. Navy Pacific Fleet on the naval base in San Diego, California in December 1952 and raised living on and off the USMC base at Camp Pendleton. My playground was the foothills of the San Bernadino Mountain Range. My father was a lifer. I learned what firing the big guns sounded and felt like at an early age. For a short period of time we lived off the base on the outskirts of the Mohave Desert in a place called Comanche Cove.

I had a pet lizard until my mother found out. I learned what it was like to stand barefoot in the hot sand of the desert; feet so hot they never felt a hoard of red ants trying to climb up my leg.

The awesome crystal clear cold desert night sky was (is) filled with millions of twinkling stars. The word heaven comes to mind. We moved back to Milwaukee in 1962 where family was from and I had to become a city boy. I haven’t seen heaven since.

And to make a long story much shorter, after a period of working as an architect here I am fat and happy doing my best work in solitude as a WWW designer and developer.

I also work tapABILITIES, LLC, a State of Wisconsin startup as a member of a cadre of like-minded men and women with extraordinary creative and technical skills as may be the circumstances when creating new or modified tangible things embedded with Near Field Communication (NFC) Integrated Circuits (IC.) With the simple (((tap)))® of a cellphone a finite number of programmatic instructions stored in the memory of the IC is instantaneously submitted to a server on the Internet subsequently acted upon by the cellphone in real time.

No App. Just (((tap)))®

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/'kadrē, 'kädrē, 'käd, rā/
  • a small group of talented people skilled in a particular purpose or profession.
  • a cadre of designers and builders of artistic and functional objects.
  • a cadre of designers and developers of software and services.

synonyms: team

  • a group of dedicated hard core specialists.
  • members of a collaborative team pursuing an objective.