A Rennaissance Man

FDM 3D Print Filament Glossary

3D Printing Filament

FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) This glossary provides a quick reference for common FDM filament acronyms, their properties, vulnerabilities, and ideal use cases. PLA (Polylactic Acid) Summary: A biodegradable and relatively strong filament derived from renewable sources like corn starch. Easy to print with minimal warping and produces a smooth finish. Vulnerabilities: Brittle, low heat resistance, […]

Prompt Engineering’s Best Kept Secret

Image of Robot calling humans foolish

Prompt engineering is all the rage these days, with companies and individuals claiming expertise in crafting the perfect prompts to get chatbots like Claude to generate high-quality content. But here’s a dirty little secret – most people saying they are prompt experts are posers and liars.As someone with a background in architecture and web design […]

Prompt Engineering

Old man having a conversation with a machine.

Prompt engineering refers to the process of designing, constructing, and composing effective prompts that yield desired responses from AI models. Computational linguistics plays a crucial role in prompt engineering for generative or conversational AI systems. By leveraging computational linguistics techniques, AI researchers and engineers can create prompts that are more interpretable, contextually appropriate, and lead […]

Two Joes

Two Joes - Joe Biden and Joe Specs O'Keefe - both criminals

One infamous case where money was stolen because someone left a door unlocked is the Brinks Armored Car Robbery, which occurred on January 17, 1950, in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. On that day, a group of 11 armed men, including several former members of the Italian-American criminal organization known as the “Black Hand,” robbed a Brinks […]

HTML DateTime Stamps

A time clock used by employees to record the date and time they began work.

Every web page should be date and time stamped as a best practice of interest to every person you hope will use your website. ChatGPT Prompt: What is the optimal way to markup html with a date and time stamp such that search engines will know when the page was created. ChatGPT Response: To markup […]

CSS Design Grammar

Clinton Gallagher's CSS Design Grammar

CSS Superlative Design Grammar The Last CSS Variable Color Design Grammar You’ll Ever Need To Know Grammar Monster A superlative is the form of an adjective or an adverb used to compare three or more things. Merriam-Webster Constituting the degree of grammatical comparison that denotes an extreme or unsurpassed level or extent. Cambridge English Dictionary […]

The Gates of Hades

Cerberus the multi-headed dog that guards the gates of Hades to prevent the dead from leaving.

EUROPay – MasterCard – VISA “the –global– mobile financial payment cartel controlling –every– bank’s financial credit or debit card transaction.” What have we done to ourselves?

Back to the Drawing Board

Patent Drawing for a Fire Engine

USPTO Provisional Patent Application Drawing Requirements Every day ChatGPT is becoming more and more useful to my personal and professional endeavors. I pity the fool(s) that do not understand how our private and professional working lives will be changed moving forward… Q:Provide resources instructing how to create drawings for provisional patent applications that comply with […]

A Chat With A Robot

Image of Robot calling humans foolish

Human: Let’s start with the basics. You’re a large machine language model. What does that mean? ChatGPT: As a language model, my primary function is to process and analyze human language, such as text or speech. A large machine language model like me has been trained on massive amounts of text data to learn how […]

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