Make-Believe vs Reality

Image of United States Census Bureau

The U.S. Census Bureau has devised and imposed a make-believe reality by which American citizens are compelled to comply with. We’ve been trained like circus animals to refer to one another by our government’s compulsory national identity rather than what we really are as science defines us as biological sentient human beings. A couple of […]

CRISPR Genetic Editing

Picture of a woman in laboratory

In popular usage, “CRISPR” (pronounced “crisper”) is the acronym for Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats (CRISPR); an enzyme that acts like a pair of molecular scissors, capable of cutting strands of DNA. The rapid development of the science of biology puts all of us on the precipe of a cliff from which the global […]


Picture of Tim McGraw and Faith Hill singing

Taken 2020-05-02 Registered Copyright. All Rights Reserved.  Clinton Gallagher.Key: D Major Time: 4/4 [HER] Do you see that fella over there he’s taken He can be an ass sometimes but he’s my ass and he’s taken He’s not my private property but he belongs to me I can see you’d like to have him but he’s […]

HDTV Digital Signage for Bars & Restaurants

Picture of men in a tavern with small black and white TV circa 1950s

HDTV Digital Signage for Bars and Restaurants. HDTV Digital Signage (website slide shows) is a brilliant tactic used to increase revenue by marketing food, drinks and content of interest to customers while they are on the premises. 3rd party advertising and promotions generates cash flow. Weather reports provide good “small talk” content for customers making […]

Page Builder or Code By Hand?

Picture of hand drawn web page layout

Page builders offer rapid development but those who code by hand retain creative and technical control of website development when page builders poop out. What comes first when designing a new website? The chicken or the egg? Sometimes we find we do not have a concept in mind until we’ve done some sketching and begin […]

RFID Blocking Technology Scam

Picture of RFID blocking card, the latest technology "protection" scam.

Are the chipped credit cards we’ve been compelled to use secure? Yes. Is the article “FAKE NEWS” linked below a crock of shit? Yes. The article falsely states the chips in our credit cards –EMIT– data. The article is a con job attempting to mislead people into buying RFID “blockers.” The article’s “warning” is a […]

Music Format Wars

Picture of NFC Card (((tap)))® to load Waylon Jenning's music catalog to purchase streaming audio files.

Music Distribution Format Wars: What’s Coming Next? Like many of us, my love for music began as young boy when I bought my first vinyl audio recording. Bob Dylan’s (1969) recording was one of my first.  Record albums were pressed in “vinyl” in those days, a material which nearly went extinct when other formats came […]

Monetize Arts and Crafts

Picture of Near Field Communication (NFC) acrylic standoff

Interactive Arts & Crafts This Discontinued Class taught by Clinton Gallagher, founder of tapABILITIES, LLC compliments of Michaels Art Supplies, Crafts and Framing, Brookfield, WI registered new students using this link to enroll. The big boys controlling the global mobile financial payment cartel and their partners in government are sticking chips into and onto everything. […]

What is an NFC tag?

Picture of Near Field Communiction (NFC) tag

Today’s post won’t be an exhaustive study of the technology but what follows does provide an articulate  introduction to Near Field Communication (NFC) tags. I actually do that on this page that gets into the nitty gritty of NFC. As a design-builder of new or existing inanimate things I transform such things into wireless communiction […]

Trump Tweets

Picture of President Donald Trump on front of a Trump Tweets Near Field Communcation (NFC) product

Trump Tweets   DISCONTINUED: Trump Tweets were a Near Field Communication (NFC) product. When a cellphone is brought near the card to (((tap)))® Donald Trump’s tweets would be retrieved from Twitter and displayed on the mobile phone device. The product was discontinued when I (Clinton Gallagher) was in the process of registering the tap))) logo […]