Make-Believe vs Reality

Image of United States Census Bureau
The U.S. Census Bureau has devised and imposed a make-believe reality by which American citizens are compelled to comply with.

We’ve been trained like circus animals to refer to one another by our government’s compulsory national identity rather than what we really are as science defines us as biological sentient human beings. A couple of common examples…

// Make-believe U.S. Government programming
African-Americans, Mexicans and such.

// Biologically specific using scientific terminology
// developed by sentient human beings
Negroes, Mayans and such

But what about me and my kind typically referred to as Europeans rather than what I (we) am (are) as a biological sentient being(s)?

I know how I got this way.

When I was a young boy I would –always– point out the bullshit that never made sense when watching TV. I had a very difficult time (and still do) deciding if I was supposed to embrace reality or make-believe. When my father was in the room watching the same “program” he would tell me “shut up its only a movie.”

The government programming is glaringly evident proving we as American citizens are being compelled to live in our government’s imposed –make-believe reality– a contradiction in terms sentient beings also refer to as an oxymoron.

Have you realized you’ve been a moron?
Shut up. Its only a movie.