Make-Believe vs Reality

Image of United States Census Bureau
The U.S. Census Bureau has devised and imposed a make-believe reality by which American citizens are compelled to comply with.

We’ve been trained like circus animals to refer to one another by our U.S. government’s make-believe geocentric national identities rather than what we really are as science defines us as biological sentient human beings. Their website actually explains that they have created make-believe racial categories. A couple of common examples being…

🧐 Scientific biological racial classification…
Negroes, Mayans and such.
🥸 U.S. Government racial identity geocentric nationalist reassingment…
African-Americans, Mexicans and such.

But what about –me– and my government make-believe racial identity typically classified as Caucasian named after a mountain range rather than what I (we) am (are) as biological sentient human beings?

I know how I got this way.

When I was a young boy I would –always– point out the bullshit contradictions that never made sense when watching TV. I had a very difficult time (and still do) deciding if I was supposed to embrace reality or make-believe. When my father was in the room watching the same “program” he would tell me “shut up its only a movie.”

The U.S. “Big Daddy” government programming is glaringly evident proving we as American citizens are being compelled to live in our government’s imposed –make-believe reality– a contradiction in terms sentient beings also refer to as an oxymoron.

Have you realized you’ve agreed to be a moron?
Shut up. Its only a movie.