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The Gates of Hades

EUROPay – MasterCard – VISA “the –global– mobile financial payment cartel controlling –every– bank’s financial credit or debit card transaction.” What have we done to

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Music Format Wars

Music Distribution Format Wars: What’s Coming Next? Like many of us, my love for music began as a young boy when I bought my first

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Monetize Arts and Crafts

Interactive Arts & Crafts This Discontinued Class taught by Clinton Gallagher, founder of tapABILITIES, LLC compliments of Michaels Art Supplies, Crafts and Framing, Brookfield, WI

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What is an NFC tag?

Today’s post won’t be an exhaustive study of the technology but what follows does provide an articulate  introduction to Near Field Communication (NFC) tags. I

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Trump Tweets

Trump Tweets   DISCONTINUED: Trump Tweets were a Near Field Communication (NFC) product. When a cellphone is brought near the card to (((tap)))® Donald Trump’s

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