My website is totally FUBAR and I don’t know how long it will be this way.
Howdy Do. Welcome to Clinton Gallagher's website.

Howdy Do

I'm a Design-Builder. An old one. I don't do old school architecture anymore. These days I do so using bits and bytes. I also still do so using raw materials such as concrete, steel, wood, plastics and whatever I need to cut, drill or pound on to make something happen.

I design. I build. Therefore I am.

I started young taking --everything-- apart for inspection. My mother had to hide stuff from me. Nothing was sacred. Nothing was safe.

--"Firmness, Commodity and Delight" is the timeless design-build philosophy established by the Roman architect Marcus Vitruvius Polli whose 1st Century BC multi-volume work "De architectura" has stood the test of time.

It has become my purpose --and my passion-- to serve you by creating meaningful connections with others using the same design-build principles formalized by the École des Beaux-Arts and the Bauhaus having become my second nature during formal university education and subsequent design-build work in the capacity of an architect (1983 - 1996.)

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Read About NFC. Leap into 21st Century communication with the simple --(((tap)))®-- of a cellphone.

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Jon E. Vice, Vice President Children's Hospital of Wisconsin
As a professional services provider Mr. Gallagher was hired because of his knowledge and experience implementing architectural CAD record drawings systems for our hospital facility.
CEO Emeritus, Children's Hospital of Wisconsin
Diego Ventura, CEO NoHolds Inc.
With the help of Clinton Gallagher, founder of tapABILITIES, we are able to demonstrate how our SICURA™ QuickStart artificial intelligence (AI) bot platform knows about a specific router by using a SmartPhone to (((tap)))® an NFC tag adhered to the router. Our experience has been great working with tapABILITIES to create these NFC tags. It has opened the door to augment products with NFC tags, directly equipping products with a bot that can answer questions right away 24/7.
CEO NoHold Inc., AI for the Enterprise, Milpitas, CA
Lou Jantzen, Construction Consulting
After working with Clinton I can vouch for his character and the highly professional quality of his work.
Medical Facilities Engineering, Jantzen Consulting LLC, Pewaukee, WI
Paul Sands, Heartland Payment Processing
As someone who works with merchants to maximize profit and efficiencies, I’m excited to endorse The tapABILITIES product line. I’ve never seen a marketing tool with this type of potential ROI and seemingly endless uses. The merchant and customer response is nothing short of total amazement. Brilliantly simple!
Heartland Payment Systems, Southeastern Wisconsin