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Code, Low-Code, No-Code: its all the same to me…


Have a conversation with a machine lately? (Goldman Sachs Predicts 300 Million Jobs Will Be Lost Or Degraded and Wages will be Decimated.)
CALL ME: to discuss integrating generative AI into your line of business. Procrastinators? Never mind.

For Whateva...


performance, composition, jingles, recording & editing et al.


www parts, pages, websites using low-code builders, or my mastery of html, css, javascript, php, t-sql ; vinyl cutting; nfc prototyping & resin castings et al.


smb lans, internet & near field communication (nfc) et al.


logos, www parts, pages, websites, digital or print graphics, products, things & do-dads et al.


you can do AI Agents can do better.

For Whomeva...

Start Quotation MarkAs a professional services provider Mr. Gallagher was hired because of his knowledge and experience implementing architectural CAD record drawings systems for our hospital facility. Close Quotation Mark
CEO Emeritus
Children's Hospital of Wisconsin
Picture of Michael Schultz CEO CGC Inc Geotechnical Consulting Engineers
Start Quotation MarkClinton is a creative person with extensive technical skills who has designed and developed our company website that continues to consistently help generate calls and receive employment applications by being easily found using the search engines. Close Quotation Mark
President, CGC Inc.
Geotechnical Engineers
Start Quotation MarkWith the help of Clinton Gallagher, founder of tapABILITIES, we are able to demonstrate how our SICURA™ QuickStart artificial intelligence (AI) bot platform knows about a specific router by using a SmartPhone to (((tap)))® an NFC tag adhered to the router. Our experience has been great working with tapABILITIES to create these NFC tags. It has opened the door to augment products with NFC tags, directly equipping products with a bot that can answer questions right away 24/7. Close Quotation Mark
CEO NoHold Inc.
AI for the Enterprise
Milpitas, CA
Start Quotation MarkAfter working with Clinton I can vouch for his character and the highly professional quality of his work. Close Quotation Mark
Start Quotation MarkAs someone who works with merchants to maximize profit and efficiencies, I’m excited to endorse The tapABILITIES product line. I’ve never seen a marketing tool with this type of potential ROI and seemingly endless uses. The merchant and customer response is nothing short of total amazement. Brilliantly simple! Close Quotation Mark
Heartland Payment Systems
Southeastern Wisconsin


AI is moving at light speed ladies and gentlemen. Please do not procrastinate. CALL NOW...


The Fine Print

You’ll need to choose and register a Domain Name for your website: i.e. mystartup.com. So many domain name registration services to choose from. Which one is best for you?

What’s the best Top Level Domain (TLD) name available to you and which should you choose; .com or what?

You’ll need to choose a website hosting service provider: So many hosting services and different hosting fees to choose from. How will you choose which hosting service is bet for you?

Should your type of website be hosted on a Windows OS server or a Linux OS server?

Should your website be hosted in the “cloud” and why?” What is the cloud anyway?  There’s so many cloud hosting services to choose from. Which is best for you?

What type of website is actually best for your business at this point in time? Is a “brochure” website all you actually need to market your business, to describe what your business offers, to show where your business is located and how to contact your business? Will a geolocation map be neccessary?

Will you be writing and publishing articles and need a blogging website? Will you need to be uploading and publishing pictures and other content yourself? Who creates and optimizes that type of content?

Do you need to sell products or services on the website? If you need ecommerce does it change all of the decisions you’ve made so far? What software should you run on –your– computer when you have a business website?

And what about the database? A brochureware site does not need a database but –all– other types of websites typically do. Can –you– manage and maintain a database?

What is FTP anyway and why will you need it? What software will you need on the hosting service servers to run your type of website? What software can you use that will be free? What are plugins and why might you need them? Are plugins free or will you have to pay for them? Will you really need to pay for multiple plugins with annual subscription fees?

You’ve heard of WordPress and you’ve heard of BootStrap. Which is best for your business? Do you have –other– choices that may be better for you to use for –your– type of website?

Should you buy a ready-made themed template website and modify it or should you design the whole website from scratch? Why?

Will you need a Page Builder and if so which one do you choose? Can you write programming code at all? Do you know –any– HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and T-SQL programming languages that all websites require and more often than not require customization and modifications no matter what type of website you need?

How will –you– set up and configure email on a web server so outgoing email doesn’t get sent to a Junkmail folder? How many emails will you need to send out from your website anyway? If your business is going to use email for a newsletter or marketing is it going to be best to send email formatted as HTML or simple text?

How is your website going to get found by people searching for the products or services you offer? Do you have the time to learn and implement SEO for the entire website?Do you have the time and technical skills to fix stuff when the website gets broken? What will you do if perchance your website is hacked?


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