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I'm a Design-Builder. An old one. I don't do old school architecture anymore. These days I do so using bits and bytes. I also still do so using raw materials such as concrete, steel, wood, plastics and whatever I need to cut, drill or pound on to make something happen.

I design. I build. Therefore I am.

I started young taking --everything-- apart for inspection. My mother had to hide stuff from me. Nothing was safe.

It is my purpose --and my passion-- to help you create meaningful connections with others using design principles of the École des Beaux-Arts and the Bauhaus ingrained during my formal university education and subsequent work in the capacity of an architect (1983 - 1996.)

--"Firmness, Commodity and Delight" is the Design-Build philosophy I have adopted from 1st Century BC Roman architect Marcus Vitruvius Pollio.

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When You Need A Design-Builder

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Read About NFC. Leap into 21st Century communication with the simple --(((tap)))®-- of a cellphone.

If and when you're ready to do business scroll to the bottom of any page and call or send email and we'll start working together to make the magic happen. Lickety-Split.

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I Am Privileged To Have Worked For These Fine Folks

Diego Ventura
Diego Ventura
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CEO, NoHold, Inc., Milpitas, CA
With the help of Clinton Gallagher, founder of tapABILITIES, we are able to demonstrate how our SICURA™ QuickStart artificial intelligence (AI) bot platform knows about a specific router by using a SmartPhone to (((tap)))® an NFC tag adhered to the router. Our experience has been great working with tapABILITIES to create these NFC tags. It has opened the door to augment products with NFC tags, directly equipping products with a bot that can answer questions 24/7.  
Paul Sands
Paul Sands
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Risk Management, Heartland Payment Systems, Southeastern Wisconsin
As someone who works with merchants to maximize profit and efficiencies, I’m excited to endorse The tapABILITIES product line. I’ve never seen a marketing tool with this type of potential ROI and seemingly endless uses. The merchant and customer response is nothing short of total amazement. Brilliantly simple! 
Jou Jantzen, P.E.
Jou Jantzen, P.E.
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Medical Facilities Engineering, Jantzen Consulting, LLC, Pewaukee, WI
After working with Clinton I can vouch for his character and the highly professional quality of his work. 
John E. Vice
John E. Vice
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CEO Emeritus, John E. Vice,, Wauwatosa, WI
As a professional services provider Mr. Gallagher was hired because of his knowledge and experience implementing architectural CAD record drawings systems for our hospital facility. 
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I Connect "THINGS" To The WWW

Ethernet? No problemo! Wi-Fi? No problemo! Bluetooth? No problemo! Near Field Communication (NFC)? No problemo! Networking computers, printers and all sorts of things is old school bread-and-butter for a gray beard such as myself.

NFC may remain a mystery to you. Its not just about using cellphones and contactless payment cards tens of millions of Americans are using every year to --(((tap)))®-- when paying for goods and services. Learn how to (((tap)))® virtually –anything– with a cellphone for instantaneous cellular communication by reading the About NFC.

I’m a member of a cadré consisting of NFC Design-Builders who have mastered transforming inanimate tangible ‘things’ into Internet communication nodes; a design-build skill that requires hands-on craftsmanship to design, build and integrate Integrated Circuits into intangible things for prototypes and other such things .

You can --call on me-- if and when you need --whatever-- to be connected to the WWW.

--Customer's Eyes Are Keys To Filling Your Cash Registers--
I've transformed HDTV sets into on-site digital signage marketing machines promoting menus, events and other types of messaging savvy hospitality business owners want their customers to see when they are on the premises of the establishment.

--Put new or existing websites to work on your HDTV set(s.)--

If you own or operate a tavern, restaurant or other type of hospitality business open to the general public and you have multiple HDTV sets on the premises it is in your best interest to read about HDTV Signage.

Animal Identification Icon

Animal Identification

Near Field Communication (NFC) is now available for use to microchip our beloved pets or agricultural animals. NFC is the same technology in use for contactless financial payments. Simply (((tap)))® with a cellphone anywhere cellular networks exist and instantaneously learn the animal's name, what medication or other special needs it may have and the ability to place a telephone call or text message to those who own and care for the animal.

Veterinarians and Municipal Animal Control continue to use the old school chips that require the animal to be present in their respective place of business. Their databases are well known to contain out-dated data. Not good.

No App. Just (((tap)))®

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Musical Composition and Performance

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