WWW 2.0 Decade: 2020

Viewport Units 

Wordpress plugin or <script> block in any page.

Example of Responsive Viewport Units

Say aloha to your dependency on marginally useful click-back-and-forth browser viewport simulators that only display in one dimension.

The example static image above shows Responsive Viewport Units displays real-time feedback in three CSS unit values each time the browsers is resized.

The configurable colors of the display of the units is snapped to the configurable location of the bottom of the viewport on every page viewed with the browser until deactivated.

This productivity tool can be implemented as a configurable WordPress plugin or the JavaScript can be copied out of the plugin and used as-is in any HTML file.

This website serves as a blog and an introduction to design-build Near Field Communication (NFC) prototypes, products and services provided by me: Clinton Gallagher.

Open a new realm of instantaneous cellular network communication with a simple (((tap)))® of a cellphone.

No App. Just (((tap)))®.


Near Field Communication (NFC)
Clinton Gallagher CEO

CGC Inc.
Geotechnical Consulting Engineers

Statewide, Wisconsin, USA
Michael Schultz, P.E., CEO

This website was coded manually using Bootstrap, PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS and SVG.

Unique features include a customized Javascript animation that displays an SVG Years in Business graphic banner that increments annually and rolls up out of the way in a few seconds after the page is loaded.

An Employment Application form was also developed using some clever code to prevent email spam and hacking.

Finally, the Javascript API was used to load Google maps for the company’s multiple locations.

The alphaPhonetics (Windows OS) app is derived from the globally standardized NATO phonetic spelling method used by astronauts, aircraft pilots, police, fire men and women and all people in all professions –worldwide– who use telephones, radios and other communication devices to phonetically spell words when they –absolutely must– be spelled correctly lest serious consequences may occur.

alphaPhonetics was developed using Electron JS and coded by writing HTML, CSS and Javascript.

The e-commerce website is a WordPress WooCommerce store developed using Elementor Pro with custom PHP, HTML, CSS and Javascript. This desktop app can be purchased and downloaded for only $12.00 plus tax.


Windows OS app