WWW 3.0 Decade: 2020

This website was developed as a blog using the Elementor Page Builder and is being replaced with an updated version that remains a work in progress to support new business activities as Near Field Communication (NFC) product development opportunities occur.


Near Field Communication (NFC)
Clinton Gallagher CEO

CGC Inc.
Geotechnical Consulting Engineers

Statewide, Wisconsin, USA
Michael Schultz, P.E., CEO

This website was coded manually using Bootstrap, PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS and SVG.

Unique features include a customized Javascript animation that displays an SVG  Years in Business graphic banner that increments annually and rolls up out of the way in a few seconds after the page is loaded.

An Employment Application form was also developed using some clever code to prevent email spam and hacking.

Finally, the Javascript API was used to load Google maps for the company’s multiple locations.