Website design and programming: first paying customer now out of business.
Autoglass Specialists
Remember the TV and radio commercials and the jingle "We're the guys in the little red trucks?"
Intranet and Website designed and programming of company's intranet and their public website: company acquired by Safelite AutoGlass.
BabyGrand Piano Bar
Connected TV, website design and programming: now out of business.
CGC Inc.
Website design and programming for geotechnical engineering firm.
Children's Hospital of Wisconsin
Letter of Recommendation: was hired on two separate occassions to provide architectural CAD consulting.
Clinton Gallagher - Archived Projects Portfolio
Website design and programming: earliest project portfolio.
Carmella (Pipito) Kurek
My mother: Carmella (Pipito) Kurek; our only videos.
Creation Trails: Interactive Milwaukee Medallions
Competition Project Entry: not selected.
Guitar Photo Frame
Prototype integration of photo frame into body of guitar; not ready for market.
Industrial Towel and Uniform: designed and programmed a company telephone and contact manager (requires IE) since abandoned.
Karaoke Uke
Prototype: integration of touchscreen into ukulele.
Not ready for market.
Kleist Builders
Letter of Recommendation: provded design/build residential construction firm its computers, networking services and training.
McCarthy Brothers
Letter of Recommendation: hired on two separate occassions to provide architectural CAD consulting.
NORFED - The Liberty Dollar
Image: National Organization For Reform Of Federal Reserve - The Liberty Dollar.
Designed website and programmed e-commerce line of business which generated tens of millions of dollars in sales of minted silver bullion. The company was raided, people were arrested, charged and convicted of counterfitting by order of Barack Hussein Obama when the company began minting "Ron Paul Dollars" being used to fund Mr. Paul's 2008 Presidential Campaign. $20 million dollars in warehoused silver coins were stolen from customers. The stolen silver has never been seen or heard about again. Google: Bernard von NotHaus.
Performance Achievement Group
Image: designed and programmed this website for AutoGlass Specialists which has been acquired by Safelite Autoglass.
Precision Restoration
Designed and programmed a website for a masonry contractor.
Ray's Liquor: Slot Car Signage
Prototype: slot car dolly digital signage.
Not ready for market.
Roddiscraft Custom Wood Windows and Doors
Provided CAD and Construction Management consulting ~8 years. Bill Roddis was my friend and best client.
Bill is now deceased and I miss him and his stories about he and his father provided the structural plywood for Howard Hughes used to construct Hercules aka The Spruce Goose aircraft.
Sunshine Glare Filters
Protype: product development.
Not ready for market.
The Pairbeam Caretaker
Protptype: product development used to help those caring for vulnerable adults.
Not ready for market.
Ultimate Truck & Car Accessories
Designed and programmed company website. At one time a good customer who decided he could do it himself.
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